About Me

Obsess over ideas, not tools is the mantra I live by. In my [PR/Marketing] world, things change faster than the speed of light and my story also known as my ‘about me’ is no different. As a young professional, I’m constantly growing and developing so naturally my about me page is always evolving. That said, there’s a lot that can be said about me, but I’ll give you three snippets:

  • I’m the person, who is pumped for brainstorming sessions.
  • I’m the person, who is constantly checking her Twitter feed to learn something new.
  • I’m the person, who is obsessed with creating opportunities and experiences that someday will change the world, but I will settle for one life.


I’ve been called a visionary and passionate creator, but I think I’m just a girl who lives to learn.


 In July, I received an amazing opportunity to change the world Georgia with the help of AmeriCorps as a Marketing Coordinator for the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. I work specifically with Opportunity Knocks, a national career services for nonprofit industry.

Cool Fact of the Day: the Georgia Center for Nonprofits didn’t want to compete with other nonprofits for funding so they created Opportunity Knocks.

Yep—I  get to work for such an honorable organization as my first job in the #BigGirlWorld. It’s not every day a newb like myself gets to indirectly eradicate poverty, but I do. Feel free to join me on this awesome journey as I blog about how I’m breaking into the nonprofit world and hopefully changing a life along the way!



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