What’s Your Story?

Meet Yasmine

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A 22-year-old girl woman, who is about to embark on a journey as a marketing coordinator for a non-profit… blah blah blah.

As a young professional, you’re constantly being asked what’s your story. Whether you’re in an elevator for 60 seconds or it’s the first five minutes of a job interview, people want to know your story.


With that said, you’ve found your way to Breaking into NPO so you probably want to know, what’s Yasmine’s story? Here’s the down low:

People keep telling me I should go get a real job and leave this do-gooder business behind. But seriously, who wants to wake up every morning knowing that all they’ve done is gotten some six-year-old kid to buy the latest sugary cereal. Any hands? I didn’t think so. Without further ado, Welcome My Fellow Do-Gooders! I’m glad you could join me on this journey.


On July 26, 2013, I signed over a year of my life to connect nonprofits with do-gooders. What does that mean?  I promote hundreds of nonprofit jobs to do-gooders via the digital world. Huh? I’m the marketing coordinator for Opportunity Knocks at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. Why would you do such a thing? Well, I have a mild obsession with the career services industry and the nonprofit world so being able to combine the two was a no brainer. Thanks Georgia Center for Nonprofits!

As a AmeriCorps VISTA and young professional, there are few things I’m looking forward to over the course of this next year, including becoming a haus at marketing NPOs, facing my procrastination in the face, and developing some life long friendships with my fellow VISTAs.


Hopefully, you’ve gotten a better sense of Yasmine’s story. Stay tuned for more about my story and entertaining ways I’ve figured out how to break into the nonprofit industry.


I would love to connect with young pros in the nonprofit world! So subscribe to my blog, follow me on the Twitter, and connect with me on LinkedIn!

— Yasmine, The Nonprofit Newb


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Story?

  1. Hi Ruth, I do not currently know our sceduhle for those dates, however looking at the diary there is unlikely to be a workshop or event at those sort of times/dates. It is possible and much more likely I will be working life modelling at one of those times, and you may be able to join me at a job, subject to agreement of whichever group I work with. I sometimes arrange sessions like this when people can’t make the workshop. Best to email for further arrangements. Thanks,

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